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A list that will help the fans find their place

New York, March 9 2017 - Massive Online RPG fans have been seeking a game that wouldn’t just give them the satisfaction of winning but would also keep them pinned before their displays with a will to explore the world. MU is a game that has been released in South Korea more than a decade ago but is still going strong thanks to its unique play style and the gamer base that has grown to love it right off the bat.


One would ask himself what keeps the mu online top in the rankings on the MMO sites and the answer is pretty clear: first of all the game is free to play everyone one would look. Second, this game is very simple to pick up but also blooms into a complex and multi layered experience. In the end, this is what every gamer seeks online these days - bonding with friends and having a blast in a  fantasy world. This is something that the mu online private servers are ready to give any players that are looking for a great moment.


The MMO Server site is offering these player quite a selection. It has gathered all of the sites and servers that are MU oriented and have made a list out of them. This top list will provide extensive information on the things that most players are searching: the drop rates, the orientation of the servers and last but not the least - their location on the globe. For a game like mu online that matters a lot because of the ping that the players are getting online. The higher is the ping then the more unplayable the game ultimately becomes.


Pro players are trying to steer clear of the high ping servers for their location. Most of the good players will focus on the servers that offer the lowest ping altogether. Only the mu online top can provide the information that will reward the smarter player with something that they can work with: a server with a low latency and a good drop rate but also a server that is not an easy win when you play. From all of the mu online private servers, this top has selected just a few that are really worth the attention.


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