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Wholesale Cell Phone Parts

08 March, 2017 - My Cell Phone Parts is an online store where you can find a large collection of mobile phone parts for any major brand on the market.

Mobile phones today are manufactured using lower-quality materials, and are more prone to break down even after a small hit. There is no doubt that they are more powerful if you compare with phone manufactured even a year ago, however, the delicateness of modern phone can make people pay an arm and a leg just to buy a new phone after a drop or a tiny contact with water. More and more third party companies have started to repair flagships as it can be quite cheaper to replace a screen than to just buy a new phone. One of the drawbacks of replacing defective mobile phone parts is that it is quite hard to find a store where you can find OEM cell phone replacement parts, because mobile phone manufactures tend to monopolize the manufacturers of their mobile phone parts, so that other people or companies cannot buy them. However, there is a company that sells OEM wholesale cell phone parts, where anyone can buy from them.

My Cell Phone Parts provides you with an extensive list of cell phone parts wholesale that you can buy, just using their online website. Any cell phone parts you need, from screens and digitizers to speakers, for all brands, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, LG and many more. Moreover, all the prices that are listed are lower than you will ever find anywhere else. To make it easier for you to buy the right cell phone part, when you press for a specific item, you can see the exact models that the replacement part will fit, therefore all you need to know before buying something, is the phone model and the exact part you need to change. Furthermore, My Cell Phone Parts offers for sale at 25% discounts phones from various brands, such as One Plus, Google’s Nexus or iPhone. If you want to see the full list, do not hesitate to visit the My Cell Phone Parts website.

If you are looking for OEM cell phone parts at a wholesale price, you will not find anywhere else than at My Cell Phone Parts.

About My Cell Phone Parts:
My Cell Phone Parts has for sale a large collection of cell phone parts from various brands, that you can buy at a cheaper price than other shops. Also, they are offering new phones at a discounted price.


Company: My Cell Phone Parts

Website: http://mycellphoneparts.org/ 
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